We are a local organisation actively contributing to the development of our community by creating, implementing and funding projects. We also grant funding for local micro-companies as well as non-profit organisations who want to develop their home region. We also want to support our youth especially through the Youth Leader funding.

We exist to guide and advise our applicants through the founding process, from the planning and implementation to the termination stages of projects.

We are coordinators for Erasmus+ & ESC programs and carry out our own strategic projects.

If you need to apply for funding, please, reach out to us. Let’s empower our area together !

Norsun toiminta-alueeseen kuuluvat Hailuoto, Liminka, Lumijoki, Pyhäjoki, Raahe, Siikajoki ja Tyrnävä.

Our development strategy

Our strategy for the 2023-2027 has been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture & Foresty. The approval of the funding period and the amount was confirmed in early 2023, and we have been granted about 4 million euros for the funding period. Organisations have been able to apply funding starting from June 2023.

Our priorities

  • The renewal of our area
  • The development of tourism
  • Entrepreneurship-oriented
  • The involvement of youth


Are-you a micro-company ? A non-profit association ? Are-you 13-25 years old ? We exists to support you and your community ! Through EU subsidies but also through our own forms of support we can make it happen for you !

Support is granded to communities to encourage the development. The EU subsidies enable rural communities, entrepreuneurs as well as local organizations to proactively connect and build local development through joint projects.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development provides financial support for micro-businesses, associations, non-profit organisations and associations, as well as for businesses groups. You can apply for support either in Finnish or Swedish. (link to application form)

More information about funding for entrepreneurs. 

Support for Businesses, Communities and Youth
We support a wide range of local stakeholders with the same aim to develop their own area. Our own ”small” funding is meant for small projects. You can apply for funding through our own channels (Note: the application forms are currently only in Finnish but you can apply also in Swedish or in English) :
micro-businesses and associations: 


Before applying it is recommended to get in touch with our office.

International activities

Transnational cooperation is an important tool in developing rural areas. We aims to create more international opportunities for the people and organisations of the area by planning and carrying out international projects. Read more about our international projects. 


Erja Simuna

International affairs coordinator

erja.simuna @ nousevarannikkoseutu.fi

+358 50 413 0615